Helped out Brock for a performance at the Judy party at the Hose in the East Village. Banged a drum and wore t-shorts. Washed the glitter off and went to Maine for David and Molly’s wedding. We camped, sang, drank, ate, played games, watched nuptials, danced and so forth. All in all, a perfect event. I held that kitty, chased a puppy, looked at living organic animals, held babies, shook hands, and hardly ever went indoors.

I’m back on my tiny house researching kick.

Mister Lonely — meh
The Cockettes — SF drag group. Drugs, glitter.
The Unbearable Lightness of Being — Long. I don’t know anything about history. Good.
The Saragossa Manuscript — Old. Psychadelic. Long.
The Farmer’s Wife — Series about a family farm. Real.
Still Life — Following slow and quiet Chinese people looking for other people.
Woman in the Dunes — Old Japanese movie. Good.


City of Refuge
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

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  1. Who taught you how to hold a kitten? You obviously hold it with two hands and rub your face on its soft fur. You look like a fuckin’ idiot in that picture.

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