Returned to NY. Partied some. Pokered. Work is slow.

Le Magnifique — French film about a writer. Pretty good.
Stardust Memories — Woody Allen Movie.
Touch of Evil — Charlton Heston plays a Mexican detective. Orson Wells plays a fat detective.
Standard Operating Procedure — Watched about half. The military tortures people.
Before Night Falls — I think this one was about something in Cuba.
The Dark Knight — Batman, Gotham, Bruce Wayne, Wayne Manor
Night and the City — Good old noir film. I like a good old noir film.
Rockets Redglare — Documentary about this actor / comedian / East Village fixture who hung out with Steve Buschemi.
In the Mirror of Maya Deren — About this artist lady.
Visioneers — Indie movie with Zach Galafanakis.
Inglorious Basterds — Shoot em up with weird terrorist parallels.

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