Thursday I sang the happy birthday song 3 times. Once at work. Once at a bar during happy hour. Finally at Kyle’s birthday.

Friday I went home from work early and watched a bunch of tv shows and movies.

Saturday I walked around Williamsburg. Received a text from Molly and within the hour there was a flash mob meeting of the minds. Rainy Saturday afternoon seemed to fuel everyone’s desire to day drink. Considering I’d eaten only ice cream for lunch, I was home ready for bed around 8pm.
Sunday the gang gathered again for Hit Book, “Friends” edition. I meant to go out after but encountered a banking error. I biked on home and cooked up some of my ignored CSA share and listened to TBSOWFMU. It was all for the best.

Drag me to Hell — Seriously.

The Brothers Solomon — Sort of funny at times.

Brokeback Mountain — These two fellers who happen to be cowboys and gay and homophobic find each other. Sad.

Transformation: The Life and Legacy of Werner Erhard — This guy who did these seminar events called EST in the 60s and 70s. Mostly they screamed at people and told them the were assholes.

TV Programs I’m Following
Bored to Death
Mad Men
also, Eastbound and Down

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  1. @ josh, Foot Fist Way — added to queue

    @ Darren, I think I could re-watch the Wire. I seen most of em, but could do for a review. Apparently these fellows at Harvard are teaching a class based on it.

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