4 July

photo from aug

Yup. The big 4th of July. The gang went up to Slide Mountain again. The archive so far is here.

Thurs. Some traffic, arrived at the house. Made lunch. Sat on the port and started brainstorming for the play. Waited for more vans to show up. Made dinner. Hung around. Analog status updates. Watched old videos about sex.

Friday. Breakfast. More waiting for more vans. Finalized and rehearsed the play. Van 3 arrives. Swimming. Ping Pongs. Frisbee. Skipping rocks. Did the play. Dancing. Dinner. More dancing. Drank way too much. Singing?

Saturday. Sat on the porch all day. Got painted. Slept a considerable amount of the afternoon, including through dinner. Danced on the basketball court. Big fire. Recreation of catholic mass at 2am.

Sunday. Cleaning up. Me hiding from people cause I can’t form words anymore.

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