Spent the prior week resting and getting my batteries charged. I think I had allergies on top of exhaustion. Luckily when Friday evening came around and it was time to meet up with Sam I was rip roaring ready to go. We got his bag to my apartment. Then we went in sat in the scrap heap in the back of GBM and had a brew. Then we went and sat in the patio at Trophy Bar and had 2 brews. Then we went to Diner and had a brew while waiting to eat their incredible food. It was good. We ate, and gushed. Then went to Tandem to dance and talk to people.

Saturday Sam, Jeff, and I went on bike to Governor’s Island. It was very pleasant. Then we went to Mikes and threw bones and drank leftover July 4 Coors. Then we got pizza and went to Jeff’s and drank til exactly midnight.

Sunday I rode my bike on down to Ft. Tilden beach to meet up with the gang. We soaked up rays all day. Then I rode back to Bushwick to the pizzeria where we ate loads while wishing Jen and Willow off on the docu-journey.

Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession — about this guy who programmed movies for this channel in LA. He killed his wife and commited suicide in the end.

20 centimeters — I watched some of this. It’s a Spanish musical about a narcoleptic, transvestite prostitute.

Lolita — Meh. I thought the dude was pretty pathetic.

Justice: A Cross the Universe — These guys kind of stink.

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