A whole month ago we did a talk for hit book at the book store. On Saturday Liana, Bill and Sarah had a party where we ended up drinking everything in sight and singing the banana boat song very early in the morning. That was the last fun to be had for the next 2 weeks or so. KR and I worked like crazy to meet the deadline. Which we did. I think we left work around 11 or so Friday night and I packed for my trip on Saturday morning before my flight at noon.

New Orleans
My main focus was swimming in the pool and eating. I stayed at this bed and breakfast place with a pretty nice little pool.

Here’s the places I remember eating —
Cochon. Trendy butcher type place. Last time I we went to their sandwich shop. I went there again for lunch and had 2 specials instead of their big sandwich.

One small plate of foie gras toped with apricots and a tomato and cucumber salad and a poached egg.

Went back a different evening for dinner and started with pig cheeks that came with goat cheese. On the other plate was hog cheese. Then rabbit with dumplings.

Bayona. Not as trendy, but definitely the best meal of the trip. The starters were the highlight — scallops. veal sweetbreads, yellowfin tuna. I had the pork chop for my main course. I can’t remember what I had for dessert but it was good.

Brennan’s. Older fancy seafood place that some people would think is classy, but so outdated it was uncomfortable to me. The food was pretty good overall but not exciting.

Had a really nice breakfast (crusted oysters, poached eggs, canadian bacon and hollandaise on english muffin) at Stanley. Had 2 nice lunches at Surrey’s which was funny cause they were considered to be the “healthy option” by the innkeeper. Had some pretty decent brick oven pizza at Slice. Enjoyed drinking beers at Circle Bar.

Then on to Kansas.
Brooke picked me up and we went over to a BBQ Baby Shower for Darren and Lexi over at Mike and Jen’s. We watched Darren open presents. Hung out in Mike’s sweet basement. Saw the Brantbaby. Went over to see Charles Blume the next day. I held him and he slept and pulsated. He may have pooped. Jake picked me up and we headed to the Wam. I met Mari, my mom’s newest exchange student. Did the usual drinking and eating all week. Had a BBQ on Friday that was a success I think. Went to the bar that night to be glared upon. Jake, Klint and I shot guns all afternoon on Saturday. Sunday there was a Torrey family picnic at the park. My jeans are too tight now, and I’m back at work.

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  1. I think it’s called a “man cave” and I saw an article in the KC Star where you can submit pictures of your “man cave.” Apparently the commodification of organizational space, through places like The Container Store and IKEA, has led to an assault on “man space” and basement’s like Mike’s are the last vestige of manhood.

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